Scene Report: Midwest Hell Fest~Day 2

Midwest Hell Fest Wrapup-Day 2
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

(Midwest Hell Fest Wrapup-Day 1 here.)

Despite intermittent sleep, I wake up feeling fairly well rested.  If memory serves correctly, I’m somewhere deep within the confines of enemy territory—Wisconsin.  Sports rivalries aside, I’m happy to be here.  For one, there’s a punk festival happening a couple blocks away, and secondly, there is cold pizza and bread sticks for breakfast within arm’s reach.  Memory of how the food got here and why it's for the most part untouched is somewhat foggy.  ...Continue reading here.


  1. I kind of hate that you guys are redirecting us to another site. If it is shared content, you should do a "simultaneously posted on..." That way you can post the whole thing here without sending people away from your own website. Just a thought.

  2. That being said, I did really like this. Makes me miss the days when I used to go to fests.

  3. Sold. Good read. Kinda a Matt Pinfield meets Carson Daily road trip, pre-funk/post-punk, fists up/beers down, crusty review you got going on here. lol. I think I'll go get a sixer of tall boys and and sample the Reatards cd on the listening station at Eveyday Music. "thanks for keeping the scene alive!"