Scene Report: Dirty Biker Party

Last Sunday we went to the Dirty Biker Motorcycle Shop for a party aptly titled, Dirty Biker Party. Billed as a "Motorcycle and Metal Show," it was a full day of music, BBQ, beer, and, of course, motorcycles. Unfortunately, the nice weather was too nice for people to not be out riding, which meant their were not as many cycles in the lot as they had hoped.  But there were still a handful to check out...if you dare get near them.  (Not sure if you're aware of this, but bikers can be kind of intimidating.)  A total of five bands, spanning the metal spectrum, tore it up inside the shop, while various volunteers kept the grill rolling all day outside. And everything was complimentary to boot. There was a modest but enthusiastic crowd in attendancenot bad for an event in a city ripe with Memorial Day options for those not camping or on the road.  We know we must have had a great time because we woke up with sore necks from headbanging and hangovers from, well, you know what causes hangovers. 

We got a chance to catch up with Jason Austin, owner and operator, of the upstart Dirty Biker Motorcycles, to chat about the shop and the party...

HDD: Tell me a little bit about Dirty Biker. You’re a new shop—when did you start?

Jason Austin: We opened up shop in the spring of 2011.

What’s your deal? Like, what services and/or products do you offer?

We specialize in service/repairs for all Harley Davidson, American V-Twin custom motorcycles and select import bobbers and choppers. We also buy and sell new and used parts for these types of bikes. We will also do motorcycle apparel. As well, we do house calls for motorcycle services and simple repair, and towing, detailing, storage, and consignment sales of motorcycles.

How did you come up with the idea for the party this past weekend? What inspired that?

It came from a vision I continually get when I look in my parking lot—it screams, "If you throw it, they will come.” I have all this space; I may as well use it. This shop is more than just a business to me—it’s about building off of the local art and music scene and incorporating it into the motorcycle scene. And I guess the party was me making a move on that.

Nice. We look at our bicycles as pieces of art—the way people personalize their fixies and whatnot. Motorcycles—especially customs—are pieces of art too.

I think of these bikes as art that people are building in their homes or garages. I like being a part of that scene. It’s where I get the inspiration to build myself a custom bobber or chopper.

The party was a success, wouldn’t you say? Both kegs were killed and all the food was gone by the time the last band finished up.

The party was success in my mind even if there were more cars in the lot than motorcycles. The people that were here thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were appreciative of what I am trying to do down here.

I assume you look forward to having more events like this one.

I plan on having another party real soon. I want to do some art shows as well. Dirty Biker is not just a motorcycle shop to me—it’s an art gallery, it’s a music venue, and it’s a place to both give and receive inspiration.

Dirty Biker Motorcycle Shop
1117 Washington Ave S (Next to Grumpy's)
Minneapolis, MN

Shop Hours: Mon - Sat, 11am-7pm during the riding season.

Dirty Biker Party, Dirty Biker Motorcycle Shop, Mpls, MN, 5/29/11

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  1. Sounds like a good time. I like the guy's ambition.