One Minute Reviews: Vacation Film Fest

On my recent vacation I watched a whole bunch of movies in a really short period of time.  And because I have an outlet in which to express my shit (aka this website blog) I will now review them very quickly for you, the unsuspecting reader.

The Artist
A silent movie about a silent movie star.  Saw it at the Edina theater.  Almost didn't have to pay.  The ticket both was closed down, instead directing people to the concessions to purchase tickets.  There were lots of folks, so I could have just walked right by.  But I really wanted popcorn, and I figured they would think it's really strange that a dude is just buying P-corn and no movie ticket.  Anyway, it is a really good film, and not at all boring like I was worried that it would be.  Plus the main chick really turned me on.  Someone said it's probably because you couldn't hear her talk.

30 Seconds or Less
I was intrigued by a funny cast that includes that one guy from Parks & Rec, that one guy with the mullet from that one HBO show, that was also in some other movies and is good friends with James Franco, and the guy from Adventure Land and Zombie Land, that was also the main dude in the Social Network.  The latter of which has a corny line in this movie about not having Facebook because he's "off the grid" or something.  It is a fairly stupid flick, but has some good cheap laughs.  Got it from the Redbox, which is basically like losing money if you don't rent something.

Also Redboxed at the same time as 30 Secs.  A intelligent MMA movie about two brothers who have not seen each other in ages because of some old-school family shit that eventually have to fight each other in the main event.  That's not a spoiler; it's pretty much given away from the cover image.  Even if you hate MMA--which you shouldn't, cuz it's the sweetest science ever (besides hoops)--you'll like this movie.  And if you don't, it's because you secretly hate good movies.

Young Adult
The new movie from the former local practitioner of bad fashion, Diablo Cody.  It's like Juno, if she sorta grew up and got a writing gig.  Normally I don't really like C-Ther, but she was pretty good in this movie.  Highly identifiable for numerous people for numerous reasons.  That one kind of fat guy that may or may not be from Minnesota was in it too.  Saw it Southdale, where I did not buy any concessions, but I did indeed have laughs at all the people that would oh-and-ahh whenever a Mpls landmark/landscape came on the screen.  Don't be a shithead that hates 'Blo-co cuz she went for it and got kinda famous and you didn't; go see this movie.

The Art of Getting By
I've been known to say "give me coming-of-age or give me death" from time to time.  Death can fuck itself in the ass for all I care.  Coming-of-age is what you get with this film.  Really enjoyed this Redbox sleeper flick.  Not sleeper like, it's so boring you fall asleep, but sleeper like, nobody probably knows about it unless they go to the Redbox.  Well, I didn't anyway.  Rite-of-passage would also be an accurate description.  Loved the main character--apathetic awkward trouble-maker dude with a nice wool coat.

Win Win
Another heartwarming jam.  Also Redboxed with both the above and below-mentioned discs.  That one dude--the heavier-set, more famous one--from the movie about guys that like wine, that had a cover that was green, and that you can see in the used DVD section all the time now...Sideways, I think(?)...stars in this one.  He's a high school wrestling coach and a father and an overall good guy that makes a poor decision here and there.  One of which is not adopting a troubled young man that is also a really great wrestler.  Nope, that was a good decision, and is the basic premise of the movie.  You'll probably like this unless you hate emotions.  I'm kind of middle-of-the-road myself when in comes to emotions, but I liked this movie.

Fright Night
The remake, not the OG (which I just watched for free on On Demand back in October), starring Anton Yelchin--the kid that played Charlie Bartlett and the kid who gets killed in Alpha Dog and Chekov (sp?) in the Star Trek remake.  The GF thinks it's better than the OG, but I fell asleep on this shit.  I do however remember that Mr. Yelchin has some really nice abs.  Other than that it was just a lot of really loud noise that kept waking me up.

Our Idiot Brother
Redbox FTW, FTW.  Thats fuck the world, for the win, btw.  This is a g to the reat movie, believe me.  It's seriously hindered by it's name.  It should be called Our Brother Ned or Brothers Know Best or something.  And don't be fooled--like I was--that because it has Paul Rudd in it and they only show the one-liners in the previews/adds that it's a comedy.  Well, it is funny, but it's also like, really good.  I don't know maybe I was sentimental cuz of the holidays and shit, but it sort of touched me in a strange way.  Then again it could be the really sweet--literally and figuratively--carmel cheesecake ice cream I was eating while watching it.



  1. "'Blo-co" is brilliant. You should trademark it before Perez and Michael K's ghostwriter steal them.

  2. haha right like he is even on Hilton or d-list radar. how do you even pronounc c-ther?

  3. I don't know, if that's not a spoiler for Warrior then what is? Especially for those of us that have not seen it. And this coming from someone who I happen to know hates spoilers. Boo...

  4. @^^

    No, thats Nathen that hates spoilers. This was written by BNB. ;)

  5. @Stacey
    Thank you for the compliment. "Michael K's ghostwriter" made me LOL.

    Thier radar? Please, those fuckers can't touch me. C-Ther--short for Charlize Theron (sp?)--is pronounced "see there."

    I'm telling you, take one look at the cover. It's pretty clear what happens. Still worth checking out even if I spoiled the ending for ya.

  6. 30 Sec or Less is Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride, and Jesse Eisenberg. Young Adult is Patton Oswalt and he may be fat but he is not from Minnesota. Win Win is Paul Giamatti and Sideways is correct. You told the ending to Warrior. That is definitely a spoiler.

  7. My husband wanted to see Warrior and I have to say I didn't put up a fight. The main characters have good muscle tone, from what I could see. We weren't able to rent it on Red box, someone beat us to the punch. Luckily I remembered since working for DISH, every customer has Blockbuster Movie Pass so we were able to stream it right to our TV in Blu-ray for no extra charge. Overall I loved the movie, it was very heart felt and I can watch it as many times as I want and there aren’t any late fees, score!

  8. ^^
    Kudos for clever spaming. I'll leave your comment up--maybe you'll get an extra sale out of it.