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1989, Close up: Page 1, Page 2
Transcription, complete with grammatical and spelling errors for authenticity...

Hey Nathan,

How are you? It was really fun getting to know you in Winnipeg. To make out with you to. :) What’s new with you? School started up here already and it’s so boring! I just want to keep partying like this summer. Do you party? Like drink and smoke and stuff. Me and Monica were thinking that when she gets her license we could come down there with two of our other friends. There names are Crystal and Jen. Crystal has black hair kind of like mine and Jen has curly blonde hair. Both of them are really nice so if you have some friend they would love to meet him. We could come down there and party with you guys. Monica’s older brother is our buyer so we could bring the stuff.

I have to tell you something funny. Monica said that when left on Saturday night to go walking around that Bill was being really weird. He was talking about playing saxophone and political stuff and she said when they were making out that she could feel lots of bumps on his arms. I said he probably had goose bumps but she said it was more like scabs. Gross huh. Does he live down there or do you only see him in Winnipeg? Monica really doesn’t want to see him when we come down there.

I know you said you like punk and rap and stuff. I got the new Ramones tape. It’s called Brain Drain and it is really good. I have been listening to it a lot and think about kissing you some more. :) If we come down there I will bring it. Write back soon or call me.


PS: Monica get’s her license in 2 months. We really want to come down there and party with you and do other stuff to. :)


Hey Dudes, It's Okay To Have A Laugh.

How To Segue Into Some Party Pics
I just finished reading a book called We Never Learn, about garage punk from the late 80s up through the early part of the 00s, and man, was it serious.  Like, not a lot of laughs.  Good book--informative, insightful, well-written, but not a lot of laughs.

Yesterday I passed a dude on the staircase at work and I meant to say "Hey, dude." but instead I said "Hey, Dad."  And without missing a beat (or a step) he replies "Hello, Son." and keeps on going down the stairs without looking back and smiling or anything.  And I keep watching him go down the stairs, waiting for him to turn around and offer up a laugh or something.  But he doesn't and I'm left there like, "What the fuck is that?  I just called this dude 'Dad' by accident and he calls me Son?  And that's just that?  We're not even going to acknowledge the humor?" 

Dudes, it's a sign of everyone being overextended.  Not just at our jobs, but, like, everywhere.  People don't even have time to laugh right now.  Everyone is all worried and shit.  I blame our Muslim president.

Oh relax.  What did that even have to do with anything?  See, people are too uptight too.

Which is why it's good to party every once and awhile.  Have a few drinks, loosen up, maybe grab a dude's ass for fun.  You know, have a laugh. 

Here's some shitty photos from a party we went to recently.  My brother is going to hate them because he thinks we always put crappy photos up.  At Christmas he was all like, "I look at other blogs, and people do take good photos."  And I'm all like, "You must be looking at blogs in Opposite World, 'cuz the Internet is all about shitty photos, man."  So anyway, like I said, here are some pics from a party we went to recently...


PS-Sausage and cheese (respectfully) is why you're so fat.

We here at HDD like to imagine a world where it's possible neither the Bears or the Packers win the NFC Championship game in which they play each other.  The Jets proved this to be untrue when we wished the same fate upon them and the Patriots last week. But I am still holding out hope that it could happen on Sunday. Perhaps a natural disaster is in order...jussayin'.

The best part of all this fudge Packers hoopla is knowing there is a chance we will get to watch their fans go through the all same pain and agony us Vikings fans suffered one year ago, when they lose to our second least favorite team.

And if by some sick-n-wrong twist of fate, the shit Packers do win, well, as far as we're concerned, it's a clear sign of that which we have known all along: a) there is no God, or b) if there is, he/she surely hates Minnesota with a passion.

If you haven't figured it out by now, what we're saying is, if we have to choose the lesser of two evils...Da Bears.

Fuck the Packers (no homo), for life.


The Best Records of 2010

Ty Segall

Best Records Of 2010
In no particular order...

Atmosphere-To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy e.p.s
Often times it's Slug and Ant's between album releases that contain some of their best work--The Sad Clown-Bad Seasons e.p.s, Leak At Will, Strictly Leakage, Headshots SE7EN, Lucy e.p.s, etc.  Largely slept on by the masses, Friends/Blood, although not necessarily treading any new territory for Minneapolis' first family of hip-hop, is no exception.

Bukkake Boys-2nd e.p.

Condominium-Gag 7inch
Local punks Condominium have consistently put out great 7inches over the last few years.  Gag continues the noisy, (sometimes) slowed down and depressed-hardcore-guy progression of previous records like Hello Tomorrow and Pupils.


Crocodiles-Sleep Forever

Crystal Castles-II
Inexorable electronica made for punks, by punks, that the internet would have you believe is consumed primarily by those of the all-encompassing h-word click.  Us normies like it too.

Dub Police-Scion CD Sampler v.28

Get Darker presents-This Is Dubstep Vol.2

Ghostface Killah-Apollo Kids
Sneaking in right at the deadline (released on 12/21), Ghost returns with an album of bangers not heard since 2006's Fishscale--gritty, graphic, passionate, sometimes confusing and, well, real.  Guest spots from a bevy of storytellers, including Busta Rhymes, The Game, Black Thought, Redman, fellow Wu members GZA, Method Man, U-God, Raekwon, Wu affiliates Sun God, Cappadonna and Killah Priest, teamed with soul and funk-sampling production from the likes of Jake One, Yakub, Pete Rock and others make for an undeniably true hip hop album.  If this record doesn't make you stop and say to yourself, damn, that's rap music right there, then you need to learn somthin'.

Guilty Simpson-OJ Simpson

Japandroids-No Singles

Kriegshog-self titled
Virulent thrashy speedcrust noisecore from Tokyo, Japan.  Terminology like "raging", "brutal" or "furious" is fairly overused when trying to describe records like this one, but not without reason.  This shit kills.

LCD Soundsystem-This Is Happening
Far and away the best album 2010.  And we're not too punk to admit it.  Or perhaps, we ARE punk enough to admit it.  Either way we admit it.  James Murphy's infectious beats and relatable 30-something guy lyrics ran away with it.

Meth, Ghost, Rae-Wu Massacre
Following on the heels of Raekwon's Only Built For Cuban Linx II (2009), Massacre is a purposeful statement of Wu solidarity and evidence that they are once again, or still, a force to be reckoned with.

Morpheme-self titled 7Inch

Nas & Damien Marley-Distant Cousins
Make no doubt about it, this is a reggae album.  And a damn, damn fine one at that.

No Age-Everything In Between

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All-Radical mixtape

Raw Nerve-self titled 
Fast-n-dirty hardcore punk from Chicago.  Band name is spot on, as this is both raw and unnerving.

The Rival Mob-Hardcore For Hardcore e.p.
If this is what the tough-guy hardcore renaissance sounds like, we're all for it.

Ty Segall-Melted

Skream-Outside The Box
One of the more discernible masters of dubstep--introduced to the world in 2006 via DJ Mary Anne Hobbs' seminal "Dubstep Warz" broadcast on BBC Radio 1--this is Skream's big pop record coming out party.  The dubstep purists may be dissapointed at first listen, as there are several excursions--including a 90s style rave throwback (I Love The Way)--into various electronic genres outside the 135-142 BMP range.  But there is plenty of wobble to, ahh, gobble up too.      

Society Nurse-Junk Existence e.p.

Strong Arm Steady-In Search Of Stoney Jackson

Mark Sultan-$

Wavves-King Of The Beach

Late Slip: Slept On In '09 Roundup...
Crimen De Estado-2009 demo
The Daily Void - Identification Code: 5271-4984953784-06564
The Gateway District-Some Days You Get The Hunger
Getting Even-2009 demo
Jaguar Love-Hologram Jams
Japandroids-Post Nothing
Pissed Jean-King of Jeans
Poliskitso-2009 demo
Rot Shit-Have You Scene Rot Shit? 7inch
Rot Shit-Worst Kids Ever 7inch
White Shit-Sculpted Beef


Best Clothing Item Of 2010

Mossimo Zip Hoodie from Target.  I got mine in Shiny Plum...which is what us non dipshits call Purple.  This 60/40 cotton/poly blend is so soft, it's like taking a nap with a kitten in a bottle of moisturizer.  I bought it last summer and haven't taken it off since...except to wash it...once.  The worst three hours of my life were the ones I had to wait for the Mossimo Zip Hoodie from Target to line dry so I could put it right back on.  OMG, I thought I was going to D I E! It's great for all kinds of occasions--interneting, smoking cocaine blunts, Vikings games, holding babies, eating almonds, and trying to fit in with a younger crowd.  And I'm sure you'll find its versatility a welcome addition to your wardrobe.  You can wear it with a slim tie like the Miz and myself or spruce up your tired old punk-jean vest-sweatshirt combo.  I mean how many black hoodies can you take, amirite?  If you haven't already got the Mossimo Zip Hoodie from Target, I highly suggest you get one.  It can change your life if you let it.  You could pay double for a similar "guilt free" version from American Apparel but then you wouldn't be wearing the a hoodie that just got voted Best Clothing Item Of 2010.  

Winona Ryder, Goin' Inside Her*

I had to put down the Eric Davidson book long enough to see my girl WINONA on Jimmy Fallon last night.

She doesn't own a computer.  I find comfort in that. Then she doesn't have to read all the mean things people say about her.

But at the same time, she probably doesn't know I've been asking her out for, like, a million years.

Don't get me wrong, I got a girl.  A great girl.  So great, that if I asked nicely and had a convincing enough argument, she might give a free pass for WINONA.

So, WINONA, should you happen to come across this on that brand new iPhone you said you just got, well, the invitation is still, and always, open.

*Song lyric from Cock Mobster, by MC Paul Barman


Best Songs Of 2010 UPDATE

Whoops, forgot about this one..

Year Of Silence-Crystal Castles
Creepy Icelandic vocals over a beat that technonerds might talk about in terms BPMs. Drink a half bottle of Svedka, pop a Vicodin and creep out to this one. (PS-that's not really a good idea...but it will create the desired result.)


The 10 Best Songs Of 2010

Earl Sweatshirt (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Don't Give A Fuck)

The 10 Best Songs of 2010.  As voted on by me/us.  In no particular order...

The closer, from the their sophomore album, Sleep Forever.  A break-up song maybe?  The title repeated several times over a lo-fi LCDish type beat.

Chitlins & Pepsi-Strong Arm Steady
Food!  Songs!  Hip Hop!  Hip hop songs about food!

Earl-Earl Sweatshirt
Because the internets said so.  But seriously, the internets weren't/wasn't (?) wrong this time.  Free Earl! Odd Future Wolf Gang...

I Can Change-LCD Soundsystem
"And love is a curse, shoved in hearse.  Love is an open book to a verse of your bad poetry.  And this is coming form me."  Is James Murphy reading my mind?

King Of The Beach-Wavves
Nathan Williams is an asshole.  Or so, I/we are told by just about everyone with a blog...which is just about everyone.  Who cares, he's the King Of The Beach.

Like a G6-Far East Movement featuring Cataracs & Dev
I doubt that I/we will ever pop bottles like Three 6 and I'm not even fully sure what a G6 is but whatevs.  Guilty pleasure.  And the first song I/we ever bought on iTunes.

One Touch-LCD Soundsystem

In The Park-Ghostface Killah featuring Black Thought
Classic back-in-the-day rap song about the history of, well, rap.  Black Thought fucking brings it like it has not been broughten in quite some time, if ever.

Valley Hump Crash-No Age
Some nonsensical singing whining about "Catalina" for the last minute or so, which I imagine--since they are from California--might be a reference to Catalina Island.  And since I/we have a crush on California, I/we really dig it.  Plus the name of the song is Valley Hump Crash; so, like, duh, how could it not be good?

VCR/Wheels-Tyler The Creator
Again, the internets told me/us so.  And again, they was/were (?) right.  ...Kill Them All Don't Give A Fuck.

More better-late-than-never Best Of 2010 stuff to come...