One Minute Reviews: Nö Pöwer-Demo 1

One Minute Reviews
By Nathan G. O'Brien exclusively for HotDogDayz

Nö Pöwer-Demo 1 cassette (Statue Story)
These guys are from Charlotte, NC or somewhere near there I believe. There are miniscule garage and psych touches but mostly it is raging hardcore punk, with a noticeable emphasis on the noise. So noisy in fact, that I can’t quite determine if it’s supposed to D-beat or not. Who cares either way, because it rules! It reminds me a little of Condominium, but with less prominent bass. The guitars are overblown and the vocals zigzag between depressing and angry and the inexplicable...in a good way. This makes me wish I still had someone to get wasted with at basement shows. The first side is six songs, ranging from a one to two minutes long, while side B is one long jam—roughly four and half minutes of remixed racket, while the band’s name repeatedly shouted atop an inordinate drum beat. I’m so into this. Nö Pöwer released a couple 7”s since this came out but I haven’t heard them yet. I’m sure that if they are as good as this tape, they will be my new favorite thing.

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