One Minute Reviews: Hunting Party-Demo

One Minute Reviews
By Nathan G. O'Brien exclusively for HotDogDayz.

Hunting Party-Demo cassette (self-release, 2011)
Hailing from Oakland, CA is the latest entry into the rapidly paced, high turnover rate that is the new Bay Area bands schedule. As is the modus operandi in hardcore, Hunting Party is made up of members from a million other bands—Vacuum, Face The Rail, and Ecoli, to name a few. The tunes are near frenzied but never spinning out of control. It’s good and heavy on the bass and drums, while the guitars keep along nicely; stepping to center stage for a few tics once in a while but never wanking. The vocals are really rad. The singer reminds me of a punkier Matt Pike. Except here it’s gargled, lower pitched, and more prevalent in the mix than High On Fire, and with a hint of nasal discharge. Shaun Dean—of Cold Sweat and Men’s Interest, among others— is another name that comes to mind as far as comparisons go. I realize those are two completely different vocalists, but whatever, I hear both on here. Someone said this reminds them of “‘90s hardcore” or something. When I think of ‘90s hardcore I think of basketball shorts and New Balance running shoes. But this is not that…at all.  Dig it.  

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