One Minute Reviews: Calvaiire-Rigorisme EP

One Minute Reviews
By Nathan G. O'Brien exclusively for HotDogDayz

Calvaiire-Rigorisme EP (Throatruiner, 2011)
Calvaiire reign from Northwestern France—Laval to specific—and are described by their record label as an “intense and pissed off dark hardcore/crust band.” From listening to Rigorisme I don’t really get a crust vibe at all. Sure it’s hardcore but it’s not really crusty at all. Rather, it sounds like metal-core duking it out with nĂ¼-grind in a suburban Quiznos parking lot. I’m not really sure how Quiznos ties in—I was just trying to find something rather normal and widely available to illustrate how disappointingly ordinary this is, and since there a Quiznos all over the place out the suburbs I figured it apropos. There was a band from Minneapolis in the ‘90s kind of like this called Disembodied, except they were about a thousand times better. I suppose this might be comparable to Converge or something these days. Whatever; I’ve been listening to it for a week now and I’m not really feeling it. To be fair though, this sort of ‘core isn’t really my thing.

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