Scene Report: Record Store Day Wrapup

Record Store Day has come and gone once again. This afternoon I made my way over to Extreme Noise for the second year in row. Saw great live sets by Daylight Robbers from Chicago and thee best band in the TC right now, Condominium. Also, snagged six slabs of wax of my want list and a couple zines, AND somehow managed to resist the temptation to ingest a double veggie dog...I was close to caving in to the pressure though.  Decided to end on a high note and not go to any other places afterwards...other than to get dollar pastor tacos at La Taquiera Hacienda.  I won't tell you how many I had but let's just say, I spent five bucks.

Loot List: 
Black Humor-Love God, Love One Another-LP
Migraine-Four Humors-7"
Raw Nerve-Midnight-7"
V/A-Maximum RockNRoll presents Noise Ordinance-LP
Maximum RockNRoll #348 May-'12-zine
More Noise #8/Torturamierda #6-split zine

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