The Soda Killers #2 nearly finished

We're mid-assembly line on this shit, and as usual, it's going slower than you think it will when you map all this stuff out in your head. I tell you, there is a lot of work that goes into DIY zine-making on nearly every level. When it's done, all you can hope is that it is to your liking...and to those who are generous enough to purchase and/or trade for it. TSK #2 will be finished and available for both, come Wednesday! Holla if you wanna get into it.  Alright, now back to work. Anders, grab me a soda!


  1. I see Prince. Wish I got free Xerox surrvice. I might accomplish more.

  2. No doubt, no doubt. Aint no free copy service for us either. Maybe a one-off at work here and there but otherwise, we up in Fed Ex Express at 4am on Saturday nights/Sunday mornings to get this shit done. Expensive as hell too.

  3. Yeah. The spots are getting cooked here. OMAX is the only place where theft of services can really even happen and now they got a job headed bitch same age as me acting like she owns stock. I don't know. It's discouraging.