HDD Radio #6: Punk Rock 2-4-1s

For this episode we serve up a gigantic helping of punk effin’ rock in the Classic Rock Radio-like format Twofer Tuesdays. That’s right, it’s 2-4-1s—every artist, two songs each! Listen as our fearless DJ rambles on at length, saying virtually nothing of importance, whilst keeping intact all the confusion, factual inaccuracies, and mathematical errors you’ve grown accustomed too. Sets include: New Swedish “epic crust”, ‘90s California punk, and songs from early ‘00s split LPs.
Anatomi-71 - Mot Morkare Vatten
Wolfbrigade - Slaves of Induction
Wolfbrigade - Hurricane Veins
Martyrdod - Ett Hjarta Av Eld
Martyrdod - Kottberg
Anatomi-71 - Omen
Bad Religion - Eat Your Dog
Bad Religion - Sensory Overload
Social Distortion - 1945
Social Distortion - Playpen
Fear - Disconnected
Fear - Gimme Some Action
The Vandals - Wanna Be Manor
The Vandals - The Legend of Pat Brown
Circle Jerks - Beverly Hills
Circle Jerks - Live Fast Die Young
TSOL - Superficial Love
TSOL - Abolish Government/Silent Majority
What Happens Next? - The Price We Pay For Vegan Convenience
Lifes Halt! - Casa De Herrero, Cuchillo De Palo
From Ashes Rise - So Say the Wise…
From Ashes Rise - Uniforms
Victims - En Galen Drom
Victims - End Up In Pain
Crucial Unit - Scrabble Punx
Crucial Unit - This Machine Kills Buffets
Municipal Waste - Poser Disposer (?)
Municipal Waste - Haunted Junkyard
Phobia - Fallacy of Tomorrow
Phobia - Short Lived
Resist and Exist - Sung Lee’s Reflection
Resist and Exist - Apocalyptic Prison Struggle
Life’s Halt! - No Estoy Loco
What Happens Next? - Mano A Mano

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