Too Many Rappers: February

Too Many Rappers: February
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

This hip-hop train just keeps on rolling.  And although I would like to think I’m fully on board, it feels more like I’m running beside it, trying to keep up, wondering what will happen if I take the proverbial leap of faith.  Will I catch this locomotive and ride it all way, or will I be left on my hands and knees, huffing and puffing as it roars on into the future without me?  Even if I caught on, it’s likely I’d lose my grip and end up crushed beneath its steamrolling speed and weight.  I am aware that hurling oneself towards a train, whether metaphorical or otherwise, is a bad idea, but here’s the thing: good decisions and I don’t exactly have a great relationship.  For example, if there’s a box of Girl Scout cookies sitting on the break room counter, instead of taking just one, I’ll grab five.  It’s this same tactic that fuels my consumption of rap music.  While the side effects may differ, I would surmise they are equally unhealthy when ingested in large quantities.  One will make you fat; the other will make you an asshole.  Seeing as how this column isn’t called Too Many Cookies, I’ll focus on the latter.  ...Column continues here.

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