HDD Radio #17: New Zine Out!

To celebrate the arrival of the new issue of The Soda Killers, our guy fired up the old HDD studio again for a new pod.  He played a bunch of tunes from 2013, as well as some crusty hardcore punk 7"s and '80s thrash metal.  If you want to hear a dude pretend to smoke pot on the radio and mispronounce German and Swedish band names and song titles in a horrendous Spanish accent, this would be your stop.
Daylight Robbery - Distant Shores
Milk Music - Cruising With God
California X - Hot Head
The Men - Without a Face
Wavves - Mystic
Crocodiles - Give Me Some Annihilation
No Age - Lock Box
Accion Mutante - Experimental Disease
Coaccion - Amordazado
I.R.N. (I Ren Desperation) - Hakta Mig
Kvoteringen - En Acklig Rovdrift
Pisschrist - Run For Your Life
Aberrant - Anthem Track
Sacred Blade - The Alien
Death Dealer - Cross My Way
Trouble - The Last Judgement
War Cry - Forbidden Evil
Chelsea Light Moving - Empires of Time (live on KEXP 3/14/13)
Mudhoney- The Final Course
Pissed Jeans - Cafateria Food
Sneeze - Vaticant
Iceage - Rodf(ae)stet
Chelsea Light Moving - Frank O'Hara Hit (live on KEXP 3/23/13)

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