Record Review: Jaw Clencher - Demo cassette

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Jaw Clencher – Demo cassette (Hostile Input, 2012)
By Nathan G. O'Brien

Raw, primitive D-beat noise. Sent to me from Shayne of Hostile Input records and Stabbing Brains fanzine, who may or may not play in the band. I can’t remember. Recorded live on a cassette recorder. The type of blown-out wall of noise that either clears a room or drenches those left in attendance in high-pitched feedback. It’s fucking glorious and pretty much everything I love about current hardcore. Hardcore is not supposed to feel safe; it should always feel as if you’re teetering on the brink, about to erupt into to chaos and violence. This tape effectively conveys that feeling. Three of these songs appear on their 7” that came out earlier this year, which I have yet to hear, but can only assume is as raging as this demo. Highly recommended.

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