Record Review: Bummer - Steal the Nights 7"

Bummer - Steal the Nights 7" (Self-Released)
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Tight To The Nail

Steal the Nights is the most recent EP from Bummer and one that brings to mind that old trope of youth begrudgingly giving way to impending adulthood. Those final high-spirited summers full of raging parties, late-night bike rides down empty streets, and haphazard romances; drinking on the roof, sleeping in the car, and rouge fireworks shows; sweaty punk gigs, afterhours trips to the beach, and going to work high. Yeah, there was a time when the heart was full of hope and passion, and things like health insurance, child care, and retirement funds weren't even a blip on the radar.  ...Read full-length review after the leap.

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