HDD Radio #22: Almanzo 100, Meaningless Rants, Punk, etc.

Big V's, St.Paul, MN, mid '00s
And we're back with episode #22 of HotDogDayz Radio! Here’s a punk show, complete with all the normal ramblings of a narcissistic/insecure host that you’ve come to love/hate. He talks about the Almanzo 100 gravel bike race, plugs his Twitter, shits all over Vice media, almost gets political, realizes he's an idiot, and spins some punk rock tunes. Check it out!

Faith - What's Wrong With Me?
Society Nurse- Tied Down
Glam - Veveno En Such Flechas
Void - Explode
White Reaper - She Wants To
OBN IIIs - No Time For The Blues
Bad Sports - Washed Up
Acid Fast - Rupert
Brain F - Empty Set
Obediencia - El Principio Del Fin
Creative Adult - Hyperaware
The Bellicose Minds - Oppression Depression
Ruined Fortune - Black and Red
The Estranged - Mark of Sin
OFF! - Hypnotized
Stop Breathing - Nightstick Nightmare
Haymaker - Cheque to Cheque
Iron Hand - Commonality
??? - ???
7 Seconds - Young Til I Die

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