Record Review: PJM 5/9/12 mixtape cassette

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Various Artists - PJM 5/9/12 mixtape cassette (Compiled in 2012)
-by BNB

I’ve had this mixtape kicking around for a couple years now, so I figure it’s about time I get to talking about it. It was sent to us by the wonderful and dedicated individual responsible for Pukka Join Massif zine out of Bellingham, WA back in 2012. This of course means I am long overdue on sending a mix tape back to him in exchange. (Note to self: make this happen ASAP. Note to PJM: this will happen ASAP.)

For all you cassette nerds out there, PJM 5/9/12 is dubbed on a Sony HF90 Pure Gamma Type I (Normal) Position Normal Bias 120┬Ás EQ. The J-card is a piece of ephemera that appears to be clipped from a larger block of text written by a person name Malok.  It might be poetry but I’m not totally sure because, like Nathan, I usually divert my eyes upon the first inkling that some assembled words might be poetry.

Side A is titled derelict Mosquito spontaneity plays for BNB. And although I’ve sat through the noisy, atmospheric compositions several times, I’ve decided I’ll just be rewinding Side B from this point forward.

Side B is titled dMs (derelict Mosquito spontaneity?) iPod set for BNB, and is 18 songs by bands whose names start with the letter B. This means things like Black Flag (“I’ve Got to Run”), Big Black (“The Model”), Boogie Down Productions (“South Bronx”), Born Against (“Movin’ On Up”), and Burnt Cross (“Spectacle of the Obscene”). YAY!

I’m very happy about the inclusion of “Freeze Me” by Amsterdam ‘80s hardcore act B.G.K. and “Alles Umsonst” and “W.S.W.U.F.” by Blut + Eisen, the German punk band that’s also from the ‘80s. I have never heard anything from either of these bands before this and I love getting hipped to new shit.

I’m less excited about the inclusion of the “Walrus” cover by Boris because I hate the Beatles with a capital H. (Another B band – ding, ding.) The tape ends with Blue Sabbath Black Cheer’s “Rats”, which may be a Septic Death cover but I can’t be sure. The tracklist says Beethoven was last but I think the tape gut cut off.

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