Nathan's Zine Review

Nathan's Zine Review: Hug It Out, Tinted Windows, Bacon In The Beans
By Nathan G. O'Brien for Tuff Gnarl

The first zine I ever laid eyes on was one my mother gave me when I was very young. It was an art zine that was filled with collages and spooky line drawings. As I slowly thumbed through the visually mesmerizing pages, I had the same type of hey-I can-do-this realization that’s birthed a million punk bands.

I wrote my first zine in junior high school. My friend and I, both being somewhat artistic—he more than me—and heavy into professional wrestling—me more than him, decided it would be cool to make our own wrestling newsletter. Using standard notebook paper we drew pictures of guys like Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zukhov and wrote small paragraphs about “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan’s debut on WWF Superstars. It lasted all of one issue and nobody saw it except for us but boy did we love it. Fast forward through a few ill-fated attempts over the years to the present day and I am a full-fledged zinester. I read, make, trade, buy, sell and actively seek out zines.

So the purpose of this column will be to shed light on some the zines I’ve acquired.  ...Read entire article, including zine reviews here.

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