HDD Mixtape #3, Mini-Zines OUT NOW~!

A little HDD housecleaning here...

I'm hard at work on the big 10th issue of The Soda Killers punk, rap, and graffiti fanzine (previous issue here), as well as HotDogDayz no.7 (previous issue here), and a new Cassette Dubs collection (first two volumes here).

Until then you can get your chubby, doobie-rolling, selfie-taking, ink-stained little fingers on the two latest issues of the mini-zine If You Stink At Getting Ladies, Call Me, no. 7 & 8.

They come HDD mixtape no.3 that I made in the middle of night during a thunderstorm this past July. It's 90 mins of punk/HC jammers taped from vinyl. PayPal $5 to thee.n.o.b (at) gmail.

Oh shit, I almost forgot there's a couple copies of the mini-zine Restore The Power no. 4 left too (here).

Hit me up on Twitter at @OMG_NOB.

Thanks for all the support over the years. It really means a lot to me.

If you're ever up for contributing, just give me a holler.


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