HotDogDayz #8 OUT NOW~!


You know that old saying, the best art is that which is made in haste? Well not only did I make that up just now, but it's also not true. At least not in this case. This issue is tied with HDD no.7 for the dumbest thing I've ever published. Read the description of that issue and you'll have an idea of what this one is like, as they are equally as stupid. Except now there's four more pages of idiocy than before.

Half size, 28 pages, photocopied in black & white. Comes with extra goodies. I'd feel much better about myself if I gave this to you for free, but hey, I've never really felt good about myself so I'm not about to start now.

It's a buck. I think we can all live with that. Buy it in the fancy new HDD Store.

Also,  I am down to less tote bags than you can count on one hand even if you only had four fingers. So if you want one of those, now is the time. UPDATE: Tote bags are sold out! Thanks everybody!

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