Totally Necessary Tote Bags OUT NOW~!

The world is changing. Evil plastic bags are being outlawed across the globe and we're progressing towards a greener, environmentally conscious...EERRTT(record scratching sound)...OK, let's quit messing around. You all know I'm just trying to make a buck here so that I can print some more zines or do other wacky stuff like this, right?

Everybody does tee shirts, so I figured why not do something different. Oblige me and get yourself one of these Totally Necessary HotDogDayz Tote Bags. They're a great way to carry around cool trash, vinyl records, zines, tapes, comics, books, a couple beers, a spare cardigan, or whatever. Or hang it over a door handle and fill it with your enamel lapel pin collection or a bunch of other less cool-looking tote bags.

No, seriously, these are great for the environment. Don't be a dick to the environment; buy a tote bag already.

Each one comes with extra goodies.

Available on the brand new, ahem, HDD online store. SOLD OUT

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