HDD Radio #51: Zine Release Special

Back with another installment of your favorite bi-monthly radical music dosage. This time around I started off with a bunch of heady EDM-y post-punk-y groovy stuff, eventually made my way to a cornucopia of brand new punk & hardcore, and wrapped it all up with some throwback powerviolence. Toss in a couple of late-night radio breaks (man, do I sound tired) and you've got yourself an episode of HotDogDayz Radio.

I'm also celebrating the release of a brand new issue of Soda Killers magazine. It's got a ton of really cool stuff in it that I'm sure you'll dig. Check it out here.

Thanks for listening!

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Zsa Zsa Sapien – Foreign Muck
Dele Sosimi – Dance Together (dub)
214 – Greenbelt
Public Image Ltd. – 1981
Der Zeltweg - Guano
Bad Breeding – Burn This Flag
Blazing Eye – Brain
Chew – Protect & Swerve
Culprit – Culprit
Dye – Boys In Blue
Good Throb – The Queen Sucks Nazi Cock
Leisure World – Something to Get Through the Struggle
Lumpy & The Dumpers – Subordinate
Mad Existence – MDW
Marbled Eye – Corners
Murder – Hangman
No Time – Man In Uniform
The Bug – No Shit
Primal Rite – Hatred in a Mask of Flowers
Spazz – Return of the Wall of Death
Capitalist Casualties – Life’s Currency Aftermath
Look Back and Laugh – Hero’s Salute
Spazz – Gnome Servant

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