Soda Killers Magazine #12 OUT NOW~!

HotDogDayz presents... 
Minneapolis, MN + Fall 2016 

Inside you'll find...

An in-depth interview with Brandon Pearce, former NFL free agent and singer of Memphis, TN hardcore act Reserving Dirtnaps.

Michael Francis' love letter to the most recent incarnation of Transformers vs. GI Joe comic book (IDW Publishing).

Jim Gies talking about some of his favorite discount bin records and tapes.

Photos of Athens, GA rail graffiti courtesy of Robert Newsome.

Me getting all interpersonal about some of my favorite magazines, and some cassette tape reviews.

36 pages cover-to-cover, half-size, photocopied in black & white with some color. As always trades are encouraged. Or you can just buy it here: http://hotdogdayz.bigcartel.com/product/soda-killers-magazine-12

If you're not able to trade or pay for it, that's fine. Just send me an email and we'll work something out. I'd hate for you to not get your hands on this just because you're broke. Email is: thee.n.o.b (at) gmail (dot) com.

I'm completely comfortable saying Soda Killers is the best punk, rap, and graffiti magazine on the planet.

-Nathan G. O'Brien

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