HDD Radio #136: Shredding the Disease

Trigger Warning: Ignorance
Scholastic Deth – Unhindered Capitalism 
Fuming – Parking Lot 
Schoolboy Q – Numb Numb Juice 
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Fake Names 
Luke Sick – Money Green Chevy 
Three 6 Mafia – Rainbow Colors (feat Lil’ Flip) 
Foghorn – Foghorn Salute Foghorn – Lost in the Fog 
Burn My Eyes – Keep it Real 
Dare – Dare2Be 
Don’t Trust a Soul – Doesn’t Last 
Criminal Practice – Does it Real Gooo 
Spankrock & Benny Blanco – B-O-O-T-Y 
Club Cab – Work that Flange 
Defame – In the Back Row 
Cage – Fresh out the Morgue 
Casual – This is How We Rip Shit 
Hateful Transgression – I Cast Myself into the Chasm 
Feretory – Charred Flesh and Burnt Hair 
Lux – Manana 


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