Soda Killers Magazine #27 OUT NOW~!


Hardcore Jherri resurrects his old Let's Side fanzine column "Junkin' With Jherri" with an introspective look at junkin' during a pandemic

Clell Miller breaks bread with rap tape archivist L-Wood for the latest edition of "Cop Rap Now!", surveying a selection of L-Wood Media releases and other cassette recommendations

SJC strikes through with another weepy banger, as his '90s emo reclamation column "Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner" takes a look at Julia's self-titled 1994 LP

Beer, basketball, and bullshitin': Nathan G. O'Brien chops it up with West Bay hardcore band Hard Foul, who have a new split EP with These Bastards out now on 625 Thrashcore 

Lars The Heathen returns with a tale from their days spent livin' a graff-writing, urban camping, amateur MMA fighting, transitory lifestyle 

Plus all the punk rock, hip-hop, hardcore, records, tapes, CD-Rs, reviews, wacky drawings, and deranged musings you've come to expect from this wholly unique zine

28 pages, half-size, cut ‘n’ paste, photocopied in black & white 

Comes w/ Milk is Chillin' Newsletter no.20 "Mailbag Edition" insert, while supplies last

All orders through Jan 1, 2021 will receive Holiday Bonus Insert: JMaq's Christmas Mix 2020 Newsletter by Jesse Mack 


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