RADIO SPECIAL: Nathan G's Best of 2022, Pt. 2

 Soda Killers Magazine’s Nathan G returns to plays some more of his favorites from 2022…


Lost Legion – The Game (Bridging Electricity)

Utopie – Statues (Tour Tape ’22)

Syndrome 81 – Francois Cuillandre (Prisons Imagenaires)

Recidive – Impasse (Tripes d’Acier)

Prisonnier Du Temps – Perdu d’Avance (Comme Un Lion En Cage)

Padkarosda – Lélekcsapda (Sötét Végek)

Glaas – No One (Qualm)

Persona – Getting Fucked (Free Your Mind)

Dauðyflin – Droppa Droppa (Dauðyflin / X2000 split)

Axe Rash – Buy Your Way Out (Contemporary Ass)

Goaled – Voices (Bestial Hardcore)

Somatic Decay – Mutilated Facades (Demo)

Undeath – Head Splattered in Seven Ways (It’s Time… To Rise From the Grave)

Xenoviscerum – Convulsing Labyrinth of Flesh (Human Corpse Abuse)

Brain Tourniquet  - Hope and Pain (II)

Warthog – Four Walls (Warthog)

Foreseen – Tolerance of Abuse (Untamed Force)

Gridiron – Helta Skelta (No Good At Goodbyes)

Mindforce – Thirteen and Mean (New Lords)

Erupt – Coward (Left to Rot)

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