RADIO SPECIAL: Nathan G's Best of 2022, Pt.3

Nathan G of Soda Killers Magazine returns to for a third a final time to wrap up the year with some more favorites from 2022...


DJ Eons – Secret Trap (DJ Eons & Bad Shane – 41st & El Camino)

Action Bronson – Turkish (feat Meyhem Lauren) (Cocodrillo Turbo)

Meyhem Lauren & Daringer – Chicken Chinese (Black Vadimir)

Crimeapple & DJ Skizz – Penthouse (Breakfast in Hradec)

Bad Shane – Knockout (Rogue Titan)

Luke Sick & Bad Shane – Park with a Payphone (Rogue Titan)

Dankslob (Luke Sick & G-Pek) – Time 2 Zone (Dankslob IV)

J.Rocc – Love & Dope (feat MED) (A Wonderful Letter)

LMD, MED & Madlib – Flying High (Flying High)

Oknice – Brick Meets Window (Have You Tried Being Happy?)

Lord Apex & Cookin’ Soul – M.I.M.S. (Off the Strength)

Xp the Marxman, DJ Rhettmatic & D-Styles – Trunk (Pacific Standard Time)

Big Ghost Ltd. & Jae Skeese – Vintage Eastbay Pages (Authenticity Check)

East Hampton Polo Boys – You Killed Vera (Shoulda Killed Me) (Winter Catalouge)

Shrapknel – Gravity Falls (Metal Lung)

Pen Pals & Spectacular Diagnostics – Frame Perfect (feat Brainorchestra) (Dimensions of Dialogue)

Height Keech & Darko the Super – My Arms Bend Back (You Gotta Have Friends)

Pan Amsterdam & Damu the Fudgemunk – Duck Wok (Eat)

Strick the Clutch (Luke Sick & Damien) – Suckaz R Miniture (Thunder! Silent)






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