HDD Radio #14: Zine Release Special

Hey weirdos, look, this happened! To celebrate the release of brand new issues of HotDogDayz and The Soda Killers, we let this dude do another show. If you hate the gratuitous use of punk rock and swear words, then you will most certainly hate this. If you love being insulted by a guy who doesn't plan stuff out real well or speak like a human, then you will most certainly love this.
Jesus H Bombs – I Bought the Apple
Wild Child – Viral Load
Shaved Women – Circles
Shaved Women – Every Day Life
Raw Meat – Failed Revolution
Raw Meat – Spite
Raw Meat – Odor of Death
Despise – Desolate
Despise – Inebriated
Wartorn – Domestic Terrorist
Wartorn – Under Oath
Bannylist – Maktspill
Bannylist – Medalie Etter Dom
So Much Hate – Skuggesiden
So Much Hate – Dualeine
Boston Strangler – Disconnect Me
Boston Strangler – Overcrowded
I Will Kill You Fucker – 1981
Rank/Xerox – Drips
No Power – Creeping Faces
No Power – Completion
Wild Child – Brown Nosed
Jesus H Bombs – Food Stuffs

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