Record Review: Teledrome - Self-Titled

Teledrome - Self-Titled (FDH / P.Trash)
By Nathan G. O'Brien for Tight To The Nail

It’s funny, as a kid riding the bus to school in the ‘80s this was the kind of stuff that dominated pop radio. I burned through millions of AA batteries on my knockoff Walkman trying to hear anything but synth; rap, punk, hair metal, R&B, you name it. Thankfully nostalgia doesn’t play by the rules because, holy crap, does it ever sound so great in the present day. This has given my ears so many orgasms they’re dripping semen. If I had a Delorean and 2.21 gigawatts I’d set the dial to 1983, go back, find John Hughes, convince him to make a movie about neon wayfarer and lipstick-clad robots that break out of weekend detention to take over the World, and then use this as the soundtrack.  ...Review continues here.

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