Scene Report: Mary Gibney / We're In A Cult

Hey dirtbags, go to One On One Bicycle Studio and check out the We're In A Cult show. There's some other cool shit up in there by some other presumably cool dudes, but the standouts by far are Mary Gibney's paintings of Andre the Giant, Dick the Bruiser, Doctor X, Hulk Hogan, Mad Dog Vachon, Superstar Billy Graham, Verne Gagne, Maurice Roberre & Miss Atlas, and Wahoo McDaniel. I'm pretty sure a bunch of them are sold but you can still go look at them in person until some day at some time. All I know is they were there last week. You're smart, look it up yourself. Then go see it. You're welcome, assholes.

"Wrestlers" by Mary Gibney, Mpls, MN, March '14

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