Record Review: White Reaper - Self-Titled EP

White Reaper - White Reaper EP (Polyvinyl)
By Nathan G. O'Brien for Scene Point Blank

White Reaper is a cool-named trio who are rubber-burning their way out of the Louisville, KY DIY scene. There’s a dude named Tony Esposito who sings and plays the guitar, and twin brothers Nick and Sam Wilkerson who play drums and bass respectively. Their self-titled debut EP will appeal to fans of Wavves, Japandroids, and Jay Reatard. Hate to drop the sounds-like bomb on you right off the jump but it’s impossible to ignore. Fuzzy vocals and poppy, sun-kissed rock ‘n’ roll is the name of the game here.

The drumming is pretty dope. Lots of nice rolls and foot-stompin’ high hats. I don’t pound the skins myself, but if I had to guess, dude’s got a tambourine attached to his high hat because there is a lot of that old kick drum / tambourine syncopation thing going on here; like something you’d hear on a King Khan & BBQ Show record. Sometimes the toms sound like an empty pizza box being hit with wooden spoons, which is a splendid effect.  ....read entire review here.

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