HDD Radio #23: Punk, Rap, Aimless Meandering, Shameless Plugs, etc.

Here we are with the 23rd episode of HotDogDayz Radio. Punk, rap, aimless meandering, and shameless plugs. What else is new, right? Thanks for listening!


Korean Drama – Shotgun Legs
Sacred Denial – Life’s Been Getting to Me
Whipping Boy – Fukked
Total Trash – Save Me
Serenghetto – Gonersville
Whipping Boy – Meltdown
Sacred Denial – Pro Liar
De La Soul – Vocabulary Spills
KRS-One – Higher Level
Army of Pharaohs – God Particle
Group Home – Suspended in Time
Notorious B.I.G. – Ten Crack Commandments
Jeru the Damaja – Come Clean
Onyx – Hustlin’ Hours (feat Makem Pay)
Group Home – Super Star
Gang Starr – Mass Appeal
Nas – Nas is Like
Condominium – Thug
No Class – Belfast
Total War – Slow Death
Question – identity
Culo – I’m Anti
Condominium – Perfect Gift

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  1. good show as always. wish you did them more often though.love, ur pal penis breath.


  3. What I always liked about your show and your zines and this blog in general, is that it's the perfect conglomeration hip and/or subculture of kids that came of age in the '80s and '90s. With the punk, hip-hop, wrestling, basketball, graffiti, zines, whatever, etc.etc. it's like what the Beastie Boys started in a way, I guess. I don't know, I'm going off track here. Just saying that I really love it and that it speaks to modern subversives very well. Your lifelong appreciation for both the quote "normal" and the truly weird and the way you've walked your entire life with one foot in each path while recognizing the humor and irony of it all but not being the least bit embarrassed to just be you is really unique. There's so many people in the scene or writing for bigger outlets (sadly) than you do that are just trying too hard to be exactly what you always have been. I mean I think your Twitter "an anarchist in Nikes" really sums it up it perfectly. There's so much implicated in that very tiny statement. You might not know it or think it's true but there are lots of people in "the scene" or whatever here in the TC that really value your subtle contribution and unwavering support, even if you do it rather quietly (as in mostly online and in print, rather than in person) and you shouldn't be afraid to acknowledge that. You should also be more open when you're in public. We all know it's you at the shows - just come say hi. Well thanks!