Record Review: Corrective Measure - Demo 2015 cassette

Corrective Measure - Demo cassette (Self-Released, 2015)
By Nathan G. O'Brien for Scene Point Blank

Five song ripper from this quartet out of Maine. If the cover art is any indication these guys wear a lot of Nike. A cartoonish drawing of a baldy wearing both a Nike tee shirt and Nike sneakers adorns the J-card. Anybody who’s seen my recent drawings knows I can get down with that. The artists name is Chris X, so yeah, you know what’s going on here. Pretty derivative yet good mid-paced straight edge hardcore, with an Agnostic Front cover (“Discriminate Me”) thrown in for good measure. Time to X up and slam dance. Or grow up and slam a beer. Your choice. Actually if you live long enough and have an open mind, you have the opportunity to do both.

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