One Minute Reviews: Calvaiire-Rigorisme EP

One Minute Reviews
By Nathan G. O'Brien exclusively for HotDogDayz

Calvaiire-Rigorisme EP (Throatruiner, 2011)
Calvaiire reign from Northwestern France—Laval to specific—and are described by their record label as an “intense and pissed off dark hardcore/crust band.” From listening to Rigorisme I don’t really get a crust vibe at all. Sure it’s hardcore but it’s not really crusty at all. Rather, it sounds like metal-core duking it out with nĂ¼-grind in a suburban Quiznos parking lot. I’m not really sure how Quiznos ties in—I was just trying to find something rather normal and widely available to illustrate how disappointingly ordinary this is, and since there a Quiznos all over the place out the suburbs I figured it apropos. There was a band from Minneapolis in the ‘90s kind of like this called Disembodied, except they were about a thousand times better. I suppose this might be comparable to Converge or something these days. Whatever; I’ve been listening to it for a week now and I’m not really feeling it. To be fair though, this sort of ‘core isn’t really my thing.


ALB, Tax the Rich

Top: St.Pl, Bottom: Mpls, Both: Mar-'12



St.Pl, MN, Nov-Dec '11


Play It By Ear: March Madness

Okay, March has been better than the previous two months.  Besides The Menzingers releasing On the Impossible Past—an early frontrunner for album of the year—this month has produced multiple soon to be classics. So instead of tackling one or two albums, were going to tear the roof of this mutha, and see what’s good, what’s bad, and what makes me want to start drinking again.  Keep in mind, I am writing these reviews during the second half collapse of Ohio State after being up thirteen at the half…WTF? So, hopefully your brackets are better than mine…

Lucero-Women and Work
First album I got to listen to this month was the new Lucero album entitled Women and Work. The title fits the album. Lucero are five hard-working-hard-drinking fellas from Memphis.  They have kept the horn section like the previous album and pounded out another one for us to put in before we crack the first Grain Belt Premium on Friday night. These guys are great live—think of the Replacements slower songs, sang by a guy that sounds like he has smoked three packs a days for years. Great album, and great way to start the month, by the best alt country band around.

Bruce Springsteen-Wrecking Ball
Second album was Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball. I’m a huge Boss fan.  The River is my favorite album ever, so I’m biased when it comes to Bruce, but I’ll at least admit the last two records were garbage.  But the Boss is back!  And he’s pissed at everyone on Capitol Hill and Wall Street too.  Wrecking Ball is his most eclectic effort to date.  If you haven’t seen him and Jimmy Fallon’s skit when Jimmy is Neil Young, and he and Bruce team up for a spoof on one of those awful LMFAO songs, you’ve missed out.

Sharks-No Gods
I save the best for last.  By way of Rise Records, the English band Sharks dropped their first proper full-length album No Gods last week. These guys bring me back to high school when punk stood for something, when I was entrenched in the Gillman Scene. The Sharks have picked up were The Clash left off. I’m not saying they are the next Clash, but they have that same relentless DIY work ethic.  Every time I go on Facebook they are promoting shows, and T-shirts, and stuff.  The lead singer/guitarist James Mattock seems like a great guy—at least from interviews I’ve seen—and they have taken the long path; having been a band for five years, but only putting out a few EPs overseas. Who knows, I could be paying for their grandmothers nursing home bills, but I don’t care because No Gods is the best album I’ve heard all year! The first single “Arcane Effigies” is breaking out all over the Internet, and they have just finished up their second tour in the past two years, with a little band you may have heard of called Social Distortion. These guys remind me a lot of early Green Day and the Buzzcocks—the album has rich vocal harmonies. Of the three albums I talked about here today, No Gods is a must have.  I should note; Rise Records, known mostly for hardcore and screamo, or whatever kids are calling it these days, decided to branch out with this release.  They are also putting out the new Bouncing Souls album Comet in June, and one of my most anticipated, Hot Water Music Exister in May.  

Okay WTH? Ohio State is like the T-Wolves, blink and now their up by ten. Hope everyone has a great weekend.  (We did. -Ed.)  Go Big Blue!  I got you winning all of my brackets. (Bummer. -Ed.) Next month: Joyce Manor review.  Also, crossing my fingers that I will get a phone interview with Kasey Anderson—an alt/country artist from Portland—to talk about his shows at SXSW. Speaking of SXSW music festival go to this link and check out Hot Water Music’s set from The Rolling Stone Rock Room showcase.  They debuted a new song called “Drag My Body” about twelve minutes in, and its bone chilling.  Chuck Ragan—solo, or with the band—is one of the best songwriters of this generation.

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One Minute Reviews: Hunting Party-Demo

One Minute Reviews
By Nathan G. O'Brien exclusively for HotDogDayz.

Hunting Party-Demo cassette (self-release, 2011)
Hailing from Oakland, CA is the latest entry into the rapidly paced, high turnover rate that is the new Bay Area bands schedule. As is the modus operandi in hardcore, Hunting Party is made up of members from a million other bands—Vacuum, Face The Rail, and Ecoli, to name a few. The tunes are near frenzied but never spinning out of control. It’s good and heavy on the bass and drums, while the guitars keep along nicely; stepping to center stage for a few tics once in a while but never wanking. The vocals are really rad. The singer reminds me of a punkier Matt Pike. Except here it’s gargled, lower pitched, and more prevalent in the mix than High On Fire, and with a hint of nasal discharge. Shaun Dean—of Cold Sweat and Men’s Interest, among others— is another name that comes to mind as far as comparisons go. I realize those are two completely different vocalists, but whatever, I hear both on here. Someone said this reminds them of “‘90s hardcore” or something. When I think of ‘90s hardcore I think of basketball shorts and New Balance running shoes. But this is not that…at all.  Dig it.  

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Mother Thressa

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Nashwauk, MN, Nov-'11


One Minute Reviews: Nö Pöwer-Demo 1

One Minute Reviews
By Nathan G. O'Brien exclusively for HotDogDayz

Nö Pöwer-Demo 1 cassette (Statue Story)
These guys are from Charlotte, NC or somewhere near there I believe. There are miniscule garage and psych touches but mostly it is raging hardcore punk, with a noticeable emphasis on the noise. So noisy in fact, that I can’t quite determine if it’s supposed to D-beat or not. Who cares either way, because it rules! It reminds me a little of Condominium, but with less prominent bass. The guitars are overblown and the vocals zigzag between depressing and angry and the inexplicable...in a good way. This makes me wish I still had someone to get wasted with at basement shows. The first side is six songs, ranging from a one to two minutes long, while side B is one long jam—roughly four and half minutes of remixed racket, while the band’s name repeatedly shouted atop an inordinate drum beat. I’m so into this. Nö Pöwer released a couple 7”s since this came out but I haven’t heard them yet. I’m sure that if they are as good as this tape, they will be my new favorite thing.

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eyes are smiling

Remember when Dropkick Murphy's were a skinhead band? Like, a band that real skins and punks liked? Eh, nevermind that shit. Just try to have some fun today okay?  Go out and be an idiot like this dude.


Scene Report: Prep Hoops, DeLaSalle vs. Spring Lake Park

Section 3AAA Boys Basketball Final, DeLaSalle vs. Spring Lake Park, Blaine, MN, 3/16/12
There is no chance we were going to get into the 3AAAA final between Eastview and Apple Valley tonight.  That's the hottest game in the state--Tyus vs Joey III.  So my mother, the GF, and I headed out to Blaine to see D take on Spring Lake Park.  Holy shit, Blaine is a long way from Mpls.  And even holier shit is how gross their gymnasium is.  They need some new lighting or a new color scheme or a mop or something out there.  DeLaSalle won, which I am happy about, as the possibility of a Washburn vs. D State Tourny game is one I have quietly been anticipating all season long.  The three of us share a box of two-dollar popcorn before heading back to Mpls, where we feast upon various Mexican foods at Los Ocampo on Lake St. Basketball rules.  So does Mexican food.  The end.


Scene Report: Prep Hoops, Washburn vs. Benilde-St. Margaret's

Section 6AAA Boys Basketball Finals, Washburn vs. Benilde-St. Margarets's, Chanhassen, MN, 3/15/12
The catholic kids got beat by the inner-city school kids.  There is some debate as to whether Washburn is an inner-city school.  Most of my family and myself say it is.  Some of my friends say it isn't.  Their main argument being that it is located in an "affluent neighborhood" or something, therefore cannot technically be an inner-city school.  After the game, I asked a Washburn player (who will remain unnamed) what he thought.  This is what he said:  "Inner-city for sure!  Let me put it this way; the white kids that go to school at Wash have to beg their parents to let them go here instead of DeLaSalle, Holy Angels, or Southwest.  Aint no white boys going here unless it's for hockey, or if they begged their parents."



 Mpls-St.Pl, MN, March-'11


Top 5 Songs Whose Meaning Eluded Us

The Jimi Hendrix Experience-"Purple Haze"
And excerpt from The Set List: Top 5 Songs Whose Meaning Eluded Us
By Nathan G. O'Brien on Scene Point Blank

Okay, maybe this one has been done to death, but in 6th grade I really did think he said "Excuse me while I kiss this guy." And it wasn't so much the meaning of that one line that eluded me, as much as it was the whole song. But mostly I just wanted to know what the heck purple haze was.  I liked Prince, but if it was anything like purple rain, that would have only added to my confusion.  I had no idea (and still don't) what that’s all about.  I asked my mother what purple haze was.  She told me it was a Jimi Hendrix song. Ahh, gee mom, thanks for the help.  So I asked my dad one day while we were driving across country.  He had been to Woodstock; certainly he must know.  He replied, "Purple Haze? Ahh, it's an acid rock thing.  You won't understand now, but you will someday."  He paused for a moment, as if having a flashback, and then continued, "It's, you know, really head-y stuff."  And as he said this he lifted one hand from the stearing wheel to the side of his head and made an egg-beater motion. Err, okay?  I eventually moved on to punk rock and rap, and forgot about Hendrix or "Purple Haze" or any "head-y stuff" until several years later.  One night in a nebulous college dorm room with Jimi on the stereo I finally figured it all out.  Ohhh, he's saying “THE SKY," not "this guy." And at that very moment, about an hour into my first experience with a mind-altering acronym—kissing the sky, if you will—I finally figured it all out.  "Purple haze all in my brain..." 

See what else made the list after the leap.


Words in Tea Cups

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Scene Report: Prep Hoops, Section 6AAA Semifinals, Section 3AAAA Semifinals

Section 6AAA Boys Basketball Semifinals, Washburn vs. Blake, Washburn High, Mpls, MN and Section 3AAAA Boys Basketball Semifinals, Eastview vs. Eagan, Apple Valley vs. Cretin Durham Hall, Burnsville, MN, 3/12/12
I will see three games tonight, wich will make it six in the last three days. What happened to the days when I would go to punk shows at that same rate? Is prep basketball the new punk rock? 


Scene Report: Prep Hoops, Section 6AAAA Semifinals

Section 6AAAA Boys Basketball Semifinals, Osseo High School, Osseo, MN, 3/9/12

Game 1: Hopkins vs. Wayzata
Walk in at halftime to some of the worst music ever playing over the P.A.  I don't even know how to describe it.  Like really bad R&B.  Most contemporary R&B is terrible to begin with, but this was far worse.  If I was coaching one of the teams and we had to do warm-up to this I might just forfeit the game.  It's that bad.  Not as bad as the refs though.  These refs are the worst!  I've seen this one guy before--the fat black guy--a few times, and he's always this bad.  He looooves his whistle.  I bet he literally makes love to his whistle when no body's looking.  Fuck, let these kids play already! Hopkins guard and Harvard commit Syani Chambers is without a doubt one of the best guards in the state, but everytime I watch him I get slightly annoyed by the unnecessary dickish things he does.  Like slapping the defenders hands away from him or faking the foul on his drives.  But even more annoying is all the Hopkins parents who are not watching the game because they are glued to their smart phones.  I'm so sick of people and their phones.  The Royals' Zack Stahl has a break away for a huge dunk, but gets it taken away on a double-dribble call.  He has to be contained by his teammates.  I'll agree with the ref on this one, that was clearly a double-dribble.  He dribbled the ball, picked it up, ran a step, then put the ball back down with both hands.  Huge dunk though.  As prevalent as they are now, I still love dunks at the high school level.  They are still something really special at this stage.  Hopkins wins.  Duh.

Game 2: Edina vs. Minnetonka
Popcorn and diet soda time!  They make a nice, cheap, big bag of popcorn here.  I'm all over it, along with a Diet Dr. Pepper.  The first thing that comes to mind is how bad Edina needs new uniforms.  That, or someone doesn't need to be drying them shits for so long.  The fat black horrible ref comes and sits right behind me.  I overhear him saying that tonight he didn't get any State games, and that tonight was his last game of the season.  No State games, ya say?  NO SHIT!  I want to tell him it's because he sucks but of course I don't.  There is an older lady--like a grandma-age--that is sitting over to my right that appears to be scrolling through the Twitter feed on her iPad.  Why are you here?  I'm over it.  And this game is over too.  Edina will have the pleasure of losing to Hopkins in the Championship game next week.  On a how-bad-does-that-suck note, the Skipper's senior forward Latrell Love will end his high school hoops career just a bucket shy of 1000 points--998.  Yeah, how bad does that suck.  Not as bad as people on their god damn phones all the time.  Well, I suppose that's debatable.  But I would take 998 points rather than a 1000 if it meant I could get some of my friends to put their shit down.


Scene Report: Prep Hoops, Patrick Henrey vs. DeLaSalle

Section 3AAA Boys Basketball Quarterfinals, Mpls-Patrick Henry vs. DeLaSalle, DeLaSalle, Mpls, MN, 3/8/12

photo: MN Basketball Hub
I love the D's gym because it is hot and loud and sort of stinks, which is exactly how a high school gym should be.  For the second time in a row I am seated alongside my father's former D classmates.  We are slightly above, and just off to the side enough to have a clear sight line and earshot of the D huddle.  Head coach Dave Thorson is a real treat to watch in action.  I must be getting old when I get excited about watching good coaching.  He plays an 8-9 player rotation, which warms my heart.  I have a soft spot for bench players and team efforts.  Patrick Henry simply cannot hang with the Islanders.  That doesn't stop the extremely excited Patriots fan behind me from screeching in my ear at every opportunity though.  It's kind of sad to see how far Patrick Henry's program has declined since their back to back State Championship seasons in the early '00s.  D's Reed Travis is so awesome.  Jarvis Johnson gets a break away and surprisingly he dunks it!  He's not tall.  He's in 9th grade. He suffered a heart attack last year.  Yeah, its' pretty sweet that he just did that.  Islanders win, and so does my waistline, as I didn't go near the concession stand tonight.


in bluez

flicks: NASER, '11
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Scene Report: Prep Hoops, St. Pl-Johnson vs Mpls-Washburn, Moorehead vs DeLaSalle

Annual "City Championship" Game, St.Pl-Johnson vs. Mpls-Washburn, Arlington High School, St. Paul, MN, 3/2/12
notes verbatim...
-Only cost five bucks to get in.  Cheap considering the normal seven.
-Two high-powered offenses here.
-Meek Mill's "I'm A Boss" is easily the most-played song in gyms around the metro this season.  I've heard it three times just today.
-Popcorn and Diet Dr. Pepsi.
-I wish there was such a thing as Diet Dr. Pepsi.  I meant Diet Pepsi.
-Really tight, back-n-forth game here.
-Miller's senior forward Joseph Doby misses last second shot, gets own rebound, puts it back up...for the win! 99-98. 
-Shit talking and celebration at center court.
-No brawl like I was promised.
-Out the door, and off to another game...

Moorhead vs. DeLaSalle, DeLaSalle, Mpls, MN, 3/2/12
D absolutely killed Moorhead.  The end.

Concession stand is offering free hotdogs on the way out.  I passed...reluctantly.  I have a cheat meal planned for next weekend.  It involves pizza.  Lots and lots of pizza.


Free But Annoying Mixtape

Nathan G just threw together a brand new mixtape (cd) for this mixtape club he's in. It's called Can We Get Some Annoyance Up In This Bitch Or What!?!? and believe me, it's really annoying. Whether you like great music or terrible music or both, we guarantee you'll get at least a little bit annoyed by this shit.  On the upside it's short and it's free.  If you want one, hit us up and we'll mail it out (along with some other stuff that should make up for the annoyances of this mixtape.)